School Leavers Guide to the Galaxy

Jobs, Tax & Superannuation - Everything you need to know

Congratulations - Graduation is du-un!

Man, that was pretty hectic. And we bet you can’t wait to get out and start livin’ your life school-free (you’ve totally got this).

There are so many new milestones ahead of you and a whole bunch of exciting times to come. So, like the good Accountants we are, we want you to be completely prepared for them.

You’re probably feeling pretty bombarded with:

● Like a million confusing online resources

● Heaps of unfamiliar pathways

● Advice from that one teacher who reckons they’ve got you all figured out

It can be overwhelming to try and understand exactly what you must do when you finish school. That’s why we’re here to make this transition an easy one.

We’ve put together:

● Fun checklists

● To the point instructions

● Easy to understand information

Plus, we teach you:

● How to understand your tax obligations

● What’s required when you start a new job

● Why Superannuation matters

This isn’t like those boring tests you had to do in school. It’s your very own guide to the galaxy for you to use IRL when tackling all things jobs, tax and superannuation. Um, did someone say ‘fun much?’

Ready? Let’s get stuck into it!

Zooming through the galaxy with you,

DCG Accounting

Download our guide to the galaxy here

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